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[Difference of the Week] What Shoes to Wear in Winter?

You can wear any kind of footwear. Don’t even bother to check the temperature outside. Nobody does. Seriously, I’ve seen it all: flip-flops, sneakers, construction boots, uggs, flats, knee high fur boots, etc. even if it’s literally freezing out.


3 comments on “[Difference of the Week] What Shoes to Wear in Winter?

  1. Kate
    March 24, 2011

    Anna, I guess the tendency to care or not to care for winter footwear stems from the attitude to getting cold or flu… I remember my amusement when at a lecture I learned that Americans blame viruses for making us sick, while Russians are usually afraid of getting wet or frozen feet or not wearing enough clothes at all. It is wildly believed in Russia that if you get frozen, especially if your feet get frozen or wet, you are bound to get a running nose.
    When I look at winter pictures of babies in the USA and Russia, the difference is striking – American babies seem to be underdressed, just wearing a little bit more items than in summer, sometimes without tights or winter boots even, while Russian babies are overdressed (like cabbage with numerous layers of clothing) and often can’t even move due to that.
    I myself (along with my sister-in-law) have recently been “scolded” by my aunt for “underdressing” my niece, although the baby was perfectly warm in her clothes.
    So that’s all about stereotypes)))

  2. Yulia
    March 29, 2011

    This is actually one of a million mysteries to me. I’ve always been wondering: How the hell are you not freezing in your flats or even sneakers when it’s about only 30 degrees outside and I’m barely warm in my UGGS???
    But I guess we all are different. What’s one man’s meat is another man’s poison.

  3. Raine
    September 11, 2012

    I’m from Florida so I always wear winter boots now that I’ve moved somewhere with 4 seasons. But it baffles me how people can wear hardly anything on their feet. Aren’t they COLD?! Plus, winter wear is SO ADORABLE!

    That’s interesting about the virus v cold weather idea. Because I’m from a sub-tropical climate, I never worried about it.

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