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[Difference of the Week] Acronyms in American Vocabulary

I bet acronyms and abbreviations represent the fastest-growing segment of American vocabulary. They are everywhere, from professional jargon to slang, and there seems to be no no end to it. I believe that American love for efficiency is the root of the trend.  Why waste time, space and efforts?  Not that it’s not funny,  but the number of those words is a little overwhelming, and anyone can become a victim of acronym abuse.

BTW, if you aren’t happy w/the situation don’t hesitate to join AAAA(American Association Against Acronyms). HTH, Anna.

P.S. Here’s a link to Internet Acronyms Dictionary in case you feel disoriented.


3 comments on “[Difference of the Week] Acronyms in American Vocabulary

  1. IMHO, the AAAA is fun. LOL !

    I am an adept of the DIY learning, thanks for the dictionary, I’ll use it ASAP !

    Great post!


  2. America For Beginners
    March 17, 2011

    Thank you, Anne! DIY learning works for me too! =)
    I wrote that post and then some more examples came to my mind. Addressing people by their initials is also a common thing. And it also corresponds with the general tendency of shortening & simplification in American English. I heard people calling their grandkid AJ (Andrew Junior) and met adults responding only to their initials.

    • Raine
      September 11, 2012

      I had to look up HTH! LOL, it’s funny ’cause I’m really into Korean Drama and in the English-speaking K-drama world we have TONS of acronyms. TONS. I was boggled by the first forum I visited. Every show and actor has an acronym. Idol groups, bands, they all do, too.

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