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Email Management & Customer Service in the US vs Russia

While going through the process of cleaning out my e-mail inbox, which translates into deleting or unsubscribing  from  junk mail, I noticed a peculiar intercultural difference. The  process of politely asking people to not send you any more daily offers, unique coupons,etc.  is relatively the same in the US and Russia.

What’s different, however, is the final farewell. American companies ask you for some feedback, e.g., what made you change your mind or how they can improve their service. At the end,  you can expect to see a nice good-bye note that expresses the company’s sadness over the fact that you’re leaving.

One Russian airline company, on the other hand, surprised me with a picture of an angry/serious/ disappointed lady who is looking you straight in the eyes as if asking,  “What do you mean you want to unsubscibe?” I’m sure it’s not a countrywide  pattern for Russia, but giving your customers attitude in such an explicit way is rare to be found in American culture.



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