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[Poll] What Country Should US Immigrants Root For at the Olympics?

Inspired by a former coworker of mine who said, “If you live in the US and don’t support the US team, you should get the f**k out of this country!”

What Country Should US Immigrants Root For at the Olympics?


3 comments on “[Poll] What Country Should US Immigrants Root For at the Olympics?

  1. rv62
    August 4, 2012

    Reblogged this on Ruben's Corner.

  2. Noel
    August 5, 2012

    It really does not matter. Identifying yourself with a particular country is really an illusion. We are all part of the human race, no matter which imaginary line on the map we were born and raised at.

  3. Ekaterina
    November 30, 2012

    I don’t know how it all happens in the US, but in Russia this matter appears to be not important until the person wins the gold medal=) I don’t mean the people who compete for Russia, I mean the members of the other teams who turn out to be somehow related to Russia, and that concerns not only sportsmen (take Milla Jovovich, for example, who has nothing to do with Russia at all, not even with her roots, but is often refered to as Russian). Malakhov in his show had an interesting topic once, somewhat related to your topic. An American girl won the gold medal in swimming in the Paralympics, and then the journalists found out that she was Russian (by birth) and had been adopted by an American family as a child. Malakhov invited the biological mother of that girl and started interrogating her (you know all that staff and his manner, as he always does it). I guess that was stupid of him – the bio mother has nothing to do with that girl, neither does that girl have anything to do with Russia.

    I am for identity, but I can see why someone would want to send away the ones who do not compete (or work, or do something useful) for the contry they live in. Any active society wants to thus protect themselves – you either do something for the group, or go away. We always think that way when it concerns immigrants – that’s where negative stereotypes come from (that immigrants are aggressive/do not want to work/ live on our taxes etc.). But I am a bit surprised that an American would say it – I would rather think that it was characteristic of Eastern or communistic countries, where no individual can stick out of the common system.

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