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Movies About American Culture

A little disclaimer: most movies produced in the US or by American directors will reflect American culture by definition. Some more than others. So, in order to get the entire picture, one has to watch all kinds of movies, good, bad, comedies, documentaries, TV shows, etc. I’m not saying that everything I learned about America I learned from Friends, but you get my point.  Such a holistic approach is both fun and educational and you can pick up the cultural nuances, references, and what is considered common sense.

I find it really hard to narrow down the movies I’ve seen to the ones that are most useful for understanding  American culture. That said,  here’s the list of movies that definitely give insights into American life and values.


Stand and Deliver

American history X

Dead Poets Society

The Terminal

Margin Call

Up in the Air

The Color Purple

I also came across a few interesting lists created by movie bloggers. There’s Films About Immigrants from and 10 Best Films About America Made by Non-American Directors from Anomalous Material. Enjoy.


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