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BBC: Undocumented immigrant’s plea to Obama: ‘Don’t forget the dreamers’

Undocumented immigrant’s plea to Obama: ‘Don’t forget the dreamers’ tells the story of Victor, a “dreamer” from Alabama who is hoping for a comprehensive immigration reform. If you have a few minutes, watch the video and listen to this guy talking. It’s one thing to read about the undocumented youth, and it is totally different to hear these surprisingly mature young people share their fears and concerns.

the dream act


3 comments on “BBC: Undocumented immigrant’s plea to Obama: ‘Don’t forget the dreamers’

  1. Re: “Victor had good grades in school but he cannot apply for student loans, nor can he afford to pay foreign-student fees for college. He cannot get a driving licence either. And he lives in fear his parents may be deported at any time.”

    That would be “L-i-c-e-n-s-e” By The way….

    I’m sorry, however as a legal Emigrant to this Country who Paid TRIPLE the Tuition to go to University without ANY “Student Loans” I Have absolutely NO SYMPATHY for the plight of this Illegal Alien nor what his parents have subjected him to.

    He needs to point the finger BACK at his Parents for subjecting him to the unintended consequences of their choices.

    This Country does NOT shoulder the “Blame” nor the responsibility for the results however difficult they may be.

    I am also married to a Taiwanese LEGAL Emigrant who ALSO Paid Triple the Tuition Fees that normal Resident American Citizens would pay.

    No Student Loans either were available for her.

    We learned English (AS much as I Loathe L’angalise Genetically) PLUS we became legal citizens & now vote earnestly in each & every election cycle.

    Victor’s Parents do NOT pay Taxes into the system as normally would have been paid to support any student loan or federal aid for his University. they like-wise did not pay the taxes commensurate with supporting the public School system that he undoubtedly achieved his preliminary educational studies from…so he’s already benefited form the system.

    I’m sorry he cannot get a License. there is a keen clear legal remedy for that…& although he might not LIKE it, He has to FOLLOW THE LAW.

    Also, he & his parents SHOULD live in Fear of deportation. They are not Political Refugees.

    They have “Gamed” the system & benefited far more than they should have & most probably ALSO sent all their ill-gotten wages & “Gain” as most Mexican Illegal Aliens do “Back Home”.

    “An article in the San Francisco Chronicle stated that Mexicans living in the U.S. send between $6 and $8 billion back to their families every year, making them the third-biggest legitimate force in the Mexican economy, after oil and tourism. Additionally, US taxpayers pay for all the direct and indirect costs of “housing” the Mexican illegal aliens. In essence, it’s an unofficial form of foreign aide. Mexico isn’t about to control its borders, since Mexicans fleeing their country for work in the U.S. send plenty of money back to their own country.

    “While the $6-8 billion number is often quoted, a fairly recent story in The Brownsville Herald, Banks seek stake in billions sent home, notes that some estimates place the amount of dollars going south in 2006 will be $45 Billion, which was up from an estimated $30 Billion in 2004.

    Regardless of the amount, all that money is leaving the US economy and not creating additional job opportunities here. Additionally, all that money represents jobs Americans used to have.”

    I won’t ALSO Buy into the Pulling of the Heart-Strings on the issue.


    I’m sorry, but I feel used & abused by illegals who come to this Country only to use it & then dispose of it when they blame IT for the ultimate reaping of their choices that they bring upon themselves by being scofflaws.

  2. George Simons
    January 22, 2013

    Cas is a real gun totin’ ‘merican now!

  3. Olga Minko
    January 25, 2013

    Thank you so much for posting this..I will repost it on my blog!

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