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[Poll] Is the American Dream Still Alive?

Inspired by: Death of a Yuppie Dream 


One comment on “[Poll] Is the American Dream Still Alive?

  1. Cas Michel Gerarrd (@Casmige)
    February 26, 2013

    When I emigrated State-Side in the mid-70’s …during the last “great recession” with horrific inflation (Example: Gasoline was $0.36Cents per gallon & then DOUBLED in price approaching $0.95Cents per gallon due to the Dem-at-the-time Carter’s e-Con-anemic policies).

    I worked at “Denny’s” Restaurant making $6.50USD per hour as a Cook.
    I got loads of “Over-Time”.
    Still, for a 40 hour work week that was $260.00USD
    I was still in high-school.
    No University degree.

    I supported myself.
    A NICE 1-Bedroom Apartment next to a Golf Course was $260.00USD per Month in Rent “FURNISHED”.

    I had to pay TRIPLE the tuition at University because I was not yet a legal resident or Citizen.

    I did not “qualify” for the Gov’t student loan programme. (Thank God I earned & learned & paid as I went along my degree plan: No Student Debt to pay off).

    Bachelors of Science degree in hand as a Dietician, I eventually earned up to 60K annual salary in the early 90’s. No paid “Over-Time”. Gasoline was just over $1.10USD per Gallon.

    With the on-set & aide of Computerisation in the late 90’s, my Career as a Dietician was supplanted by Automated Computer Programmes & ill-educated replacements & the field now required a “Masters Degree” but would not pay beyond $35K Annual Salary.

    I switched over to Computer Science & specifically a “Cisco Net-working” degree.
    At the Time (Late 90’s early 00’s) a Cisco Certified Network engineer could garner $95K Annual Salary. Again, no “Student Loans” but at least I paid regular tuition rates.

    By the time I graduated, due to H1-B Visa’s & the ennobling of Indian (Red Dot, Not Feather) “technicians” as supplants of the career field, the pay-scale was cheapened & down-graded down to around $35-40K Annual Salary.

    Gasoline had again doubled in price again to $2.00USD per gallon & that 1 Bedroom Apartment had increased to $750.00USD per Month no longer “Furnished”. A 1 Bed-room Apt. in a “challenging area” fetched $450.00USD per Month unfurnished.

    I settled for a “Help-Desk Analyst” Position in 2005 @ CSC as a Quad-lingual Speaker Support (French, Spanish, Portuguese, & English) for $42K Annual Salary. No Paid Over-time whatsoever & now the entyre schedule regualted by some soft-ware programme called “The Blue Pumpkin” which Micro-managed even bathroom visits.

    I was Laid off abruptly in 2009. A Quad-lingual Speaker (Some-thing of quite a rarity here in the States). No Pay Raises.

    Gasoline was then no less than $2.75USD per gallon & that 1 Bedroom Apartment had increased to $1100.00USD per Month no longer “Furnished”. A 1 Bed-room Apt. in a “challenging area” fetched $650.00USD per Month unfurnished.

    Now??, I’m in my 50’s. No one is hiring “Old Guys” even comparatively thin ones (To the Obese Americans) with funny accents & a full head of hair (Albeit almost all white/grey in colour).

    Nope, not even with TWO entirely different but still relevant degrees and a CV of varied experiences.

    Gasoline is now $3.60USD per gallon.
    Food has Doubled in Price (Check Milk & Coffee prices lately?) but according to the Gov’t there is no inflation.

    It would seem that the ROI for “Advanced Education” is nothing more or less than a pre-paid contract for life-time slavery.

    It certainly does not safe-guard one from inflation nor from being laid-off….even when compared to most imbecilic Americans who speak only English.

    there really is no longer the “American Dream” where one could pursue the opportunity since the opportunity now is all contrived & gauntlet’ed in scope & ability to achieve it by Gov’t regulation & the subtle fiscal restrictions conspiring to constrain that achievement.

    It’s all a grande Thimblerig….skulduggery-thuggery & a “Game” for the wealthy elites like the Bush’s, Obama/Biden & the repugnican’ts and democ-rats alike..

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