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On Code-Switching, Entitlement, And Whether Your Language Helps You Save Money

Fascinating news that you might have missed!

*National Public Radio has started a new blog on race.  Named  “Code Switch“, the blog attempts to “explore the effects of the country’s shift to a multicultural society” (NYT) and engage minority communities. Find out more about the linguistic use of the term here.

*Rejected high school senior Suzy Lee Weiss published a controversial op-ed in the Wall Street Journal. I tend to agree with this blogger who characterized Ms. Weiss’s attitude as that of “entitlement and privilege.” But you might think otherwise.

*Keith Chen’s TED talk on how your language affects your ability to save money reached 492, 508  views on the TED website alone. Maybe due to the fact that Chen’s research is still a work in progress, his hypothesis is fantastic, yet not fully supported. Language Log contributors gave some great, constructive feedback on this behavioral economist’s research.

Chen’s evidence on the lifestyle indicators comes from massive amounts of hard data, and his mathematical analysis is serious. His work is not to be immediately dismissed — I am sure it deserves to be properly considered for publication. But I have quite a few concerns about its validity.

If you’re into this topic, read the above quoted linguist’s concerns here.


2 comments on “On Code-Switching, Entitlement, And Whether Your Language Helps You Save Money

  1. Nicolette
    April 17, 2013

    Nice post with interesting news updates!

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